cookingI have always enjoyed cooking, ever since I was a little girl, helping out in the kitchen with my mother, especially at family dinners and holiday gatherings. I loved folding napkins into swans and and make the table festive and inviting, while my mother would be busy in the kitchen preparing the wonderful meal she would serve our guests, including elaborate hors d’oeuvres served on delicate crystal plates. Wonderfully fresh desserts served with a fruity dessert wine and afterwards strong coffee, liquor or cognac and more sweets. Lots of eating is involved in having a Swedish party and our house was also filled with dance and music when relatives and friends came over.  I loved how the evenings always ended with a table full of fruit, candies and nuts, that would be served on small plates shaped like leaves in all different colors. I thought they were the loveliest plates ever, and 2 years ago, my mother gave me both her and my grandmas plates and I now proudly serve my appetizers and hors d’oeuvres on these old wonderful colorful plates. Such memories a plate can hold, I can still hear my uncle Sven singing, smell the aftershave of my farfar and hearing morfar playing the mandolin, my farmor asking where she was……so many wonderful childhood years in my family home in Limhamn, Malmo, so very long ago but always in my heart and never forgotten..

Another favorite was the midnight snack. My mother always had some delicious savory small dish ready to be served after midnight for the guests that were still there. It was great, so casual compared to the more formal dinner, the women’s heels came off and ties were loosened up, as the adults sat down to enjoy a little something before calling it a night. Us kids, would often lay on the couch eating and playing cards or a board game, listening to the adults talking and the music playing in the background and morfar’s mandolin if he was still awake.

christmasI have kept many Swedish traditions in my family here and continue to cook the traditional holiday recipes mixed in with new, modern and exciting recipes constantly popping up in Swedish restaurants and at friends homes in Sweden. I have had to search for ingredients for many of the special dishes I like to prepare, and also learned how to make vaniljsocker, vaniljsas mm by myself. I will feature new recipes on this site every month and also suggestions on where to find the ingredients to make your favorite meal. II  would love for you to share that favorite recipe or that very typical Swedish traditional dish you remembered loving as a child or your mormors best cookie recipe. I will cook and test all recipes and post as many of them as I can.

Smaklig Måltid!