The main reason this site was born was that I have been on a constant search through the years for just the right ingredient to cook my favorite Swedish dish or looking for the candy or jam I missed so much. I figured there must be a way to make it easier for us to have access to all we are missing from home.

I will make sure this site will have as many as possible of your favorite products from home. I will periodically go home and research the best suppliers and the finest qualities and make sure that all products that say they are Swedish, are.

I encourage and welcome your input as to what you would like to be able to buy from Sweden that you can’t find and I will do my best to find a way to get them available here. I only know what I miss the most, so please share what your favorites from home and also if there are ingredients that are hard to find here that you need for your favorite recipe, let me know.

Some products  are hard to find year around and I will  try to find out how to make them available more than at specific times of the year. Let me know what’s on your seasonal favorite wish list.

Med Vänlig Hälsning