Hollywood BowlMy favorite venue in Los Angeles is definitely the Hollywood Bowl, up in the Hollywood Hills. Beautiful surroundings and nice picnic areas where you can enjoy your dinner before the show.

This year I decided to make a truly Swedish dinner for our evening celebrating the American Independence Day.  I know, it probably sounds crazy and doesn’t make any sense serving up a traditional Swedish dinner with my table settings in all red, white and blue, but I wanted to try some new Swedish recipes and thought this was as good a time as any. I admit that normally I would try out a new recipe first before I serve it to guests, so I was a little nervous that it wouldn’t all turn out okay. I often go home to Sweden this time of year, and since that wasn’t in this summer’s plans, I had started longing for some fresh Swedish summer foods, so I started looking through my Swedish recipes.

Swedish meal July 4thI decided on a cold poached salmon cooked in wine and dill served with a herring roe cream sauce and a light fingerling potato salad. I served a Swedish style  cucumber and parsley salad with it. I would normally make a more traditional potato salad, but decided on this lighter variation. I was a little worried that I was overdoing it with dill in the potatoes as well as with the fish and the sauce!!! But lucky for me, my wonderful guest didn’t mind and we had a good Swedish dinner all while singing God Bless America.:)